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The Author Bio


Demetrice Latoya McDonald was born in Charleston, South Carolina October 31, 1990, an only child raised by her single mother Shirley McDonald. Born premature at Medical University Hospital in Charleston. Demetrice was raised in Dillon, South Carolina and spent the first 15 years of her life there. In 2006 she and her mother moved to Greensboro, North Carolina where Demetrice attended Ben L. Smith High School graduating in 2009.

Demetrice wrote her first unpublished short story in 2000, at age 10, called a Christmas Story, about a little black girl trying to find out the true meaning of Christmas. Demetrice tore out pages from her spiral notebook, written, illustrated, and colored the story then stapled it together turning it into a book and gave it to her mother for a Christmas gift. After this Demetrice put down her pencil and did not get inspired to write again until 2012, at 21 years old when she watched the movie The Rite. A horror movie about demonic possession. Demetrice was struck with the idea about writing a story about a black girl getting possessed and that’s when Jealousy was born. During this time in her life, Demetrice was an atheist and originally Jealousy was written like a black version of the exorcist, but in 2013 after accepting Christ in her life. The experience Demetrice had with God and becoming a Christian, caused her to write Jealousy from a personal standpoint.

Between 2009-2016 Demetrice has lived in Carlisle, Pennsylvania and Chesapeake, Virginia. In April 2016, Demetrice decided to take her writing seriously and moved to New York City, hoping to find a literary agent there. She completed the story in 2018 and soon after started contacting literary agents. She contacted 10 agents with 8 not responding at all and the 2 who did said they did not know how to market horror.

In 2020, Demetrice begin learning about self-publishing. She started her own publishing company DLM Domain Publishing, that centers around horror and thriller stories. Jealousy was originally published in May 2020, but after a bad book cover where the companies she worked with were not able to do printed copies and learning later that the e-book version was full of grammatical errors, Jealousy was removed off all sites where e-books are sold. After a more thorough editing, rewriting a couple of chapters and a brand-new book cover Jealousy was re-released April 26, 2021.

Demetrice currently lives in New York and plans to continue writing.

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